building leaders to design a resilient society


Engaging in the design process to solve our greatest challenges

Projects are for people who are committed to exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together. They are opportunities to fully engage in the process of creative collaboration to reimagine our social architecture.

Prototyping leads to a virtual storage room of digital experiences that are intended to test concepts and discover approaches that resonate with people and lead to authentic human connections. Working together can build the social bonds and networks that help us become stronger, more capable people.

Setting limits and constraints helps us to bring clarity to our motivations and focuses our time, energy, and resources on the most important challenges that we face.

Many of these projects need to be culled and decommissioned, but they continue to exist as records of a long process to discover the ideas that resonate with people. It has been necessary to build influence, agency, and capacity over time to be ready to fully engage in connecting a diverse community of collaborators.