Germany 2011 – Day 3

Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

Germany 2011 – Day 3

Symposium 2011

Cologne, Germany

Friday, 30 September 2011

Allen Chang, Keynote


  • Stephen Bau (bauhouse), Using Symphony to improve design and development processes
  • Nils Werner (phoque), XSLT key() function
  • Timo Kleemann ([Tintin81(,
  • Michael Eichelsdorfer (michael-e), large members-based, multi-domain Symphony install
  • Nick Dunn (nickdunn), 15 Things to Make Symphony Better
  • David Oliver (DavidOliver),, bilingual site
  • Stuart Palmer (stuartgpalmer), Why Symphony? Swimming Club, Estate Agent, Visa Sourcing Company, My ideas for Symphony: page manager, Symphony academy, job board
  • Marco Sampellegrini (alpacaaa), xpathr site
  • Simone Economo (eKoeS), Extensions Custom Preferences, Better Forms, EDUI, Backend Views
  • Jonas Coch (klaftertief), Nested Set extension
  • Nils Hörrmann (Nils), Subsection Tabs extension (
  • Johanna Hörrmann (Johanna), Introducing Symphony, Documenter extension

15 Things to Make Symphony Better

  1. Content Negotiation (Set “Responds To” for a page)
    Zend, Ruby on Rails
  2. Routing and URLs
    Nested URL Parameters for pages
  3. PHP functions in XSLT
  4. View helpers
  5. POST data
  6. Event form HTML
  7. Backend XSLT
  8. Logging and monitoring
  9. Core object caching
  10. Async task queue
  11. WYSIWYG winner
  12. HTML5 video (Ankoder, zencoder, panda)
  13. Filtering syntax
  14. Environment config
  15. Deployment (Capistrano, Deploy, Apache Ant, Phing)

Discussion Topics

  • History and future of Symphony
  • Author workflow in the backend
  • Symphony extensions
  • Symphony 2.3 UI
  • Default ensemble
  • Working groups
  • Static page content
  • Job board
  • Training materials
  • Symphony network
  • Multi-lingual sites
  • Section relationship management

Stephen Bau

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